Importance of an Helicopter Deck on offshore wind facilities

Heli-deck on Jackup badge

Helicopter deck on an offshore platform is a very important requirement when sea waves are too high for a boot landing to be authorized. One of offshore challenges is to bring working personal to or out of the wind plant facility. Therefore, the helicopter transport is the fastest mean to safe life.
In emergency where personal should be evacuated to an Hospital to save his life, the helicopter deck is priceless. However, helicopter deck is a very important cost saving factor for offshore wind park developer. The offshore Regulatory institution is the governing party who set base frame offshore manned wind facility. This means that design of a offshore wind plant should focus more on safety first instead of cost.

This means that designers of an offshore wind plant should focus more on safety first instead of cost. That is why shear resources is the key solution to cost saving for near independent wind park facilities. Helwin1 and Helwin2  are joint with a bridge and Feltoflex® cable Technology for example.
During the installation phase of the offshore platform that Jackup badge is used as his contained living facilities and a helicopter deck. Because the platform living facilities and Heli-deck are mostly not functional until the installation is completed.

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