Offshore Wind Energy

German offshore wind farm projects are opened to all companies of the world that can fulfilled the requirement of the projects. Therefore, understanding German langue is of very importance when a company has a desire to be involved in a German offshore project. Please contact us for a high value of professional experience in electrical engineer with offshore wind energy projects.

Your company language is French or English therefore Srensol can help your Company being on tract with technical electrical expertise in German translation.

In the globalisation world of wind Energy offshore, multiple international Companies are to be competing together with language differences. therefore, electrical engineer with multiple language proficiencies is the key of being competitive within the international offshore market of wind farm Energy generation.

Having acquired valuable knowledge during more than 8 years offshore experience in diverse area of wind energy system at sea from planning to execution, Srensol is the solution of the situation when it comes to fast know how engineering in order to win an EPCI contract for example.

Understanding the client’s requirement start with the understanding of the client’s mother language for this reason our language proficient skills in French, English and German are added value to project understanding, that is key to win an important project in a biding phase as well.

If you have ambitions to win an offshore wind project with electrical scope in the German offshore projects, then it very good to contact Srensol in order to increase your chances to win the project with a good certitude of having cover efficiently the electrical scope.